Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aloha Hula!

What do you do when you've got hula in your soul but your body is stuck in rainy, temperate Portland?

My friend and über-talented food writer, Susan Hauser, discovered her inner wahine when she visited Hawai'i on her honeymoon and became entranced with the culture of the indigenous people of the islands. Her fascination outlasted the marriage, and she eventually found a hula halau, or school, in the appropriately named town of Aloha just outside of Portland.

But, as you might imagine, Susan is a woman who never does things halfway. Now she's also studying the 'ukelele as well as learning the Hawai'ian language, and you can follow her progress at her new blog, Hula in Aloha. But watch out. You might just discover you have an inner Hawaiian, too.


Mary Bergfeld said...

Kab, I love your blog. I suspect your friend Susan would get a real kick out of hearing "Country Roads"
played by the Ukuleles of Halifax.

Kathleen Bauer said...

To listen to the amazing Ukeleles of Halifax playing that classic tune, go to It Came From Canada. Wow!