Friday, October 17, 2008

Chillah of a Thrilla

Seth Sonstein, maestro of the cinematic salon that is the Clinton Street Theater, gives GSNW the scoop on what looks to be the movie equivalent of a tectonic event. In its first showing on an 11-city road tour, director Darren Lynn Bousman and co-writer and actor Terrance Zdunich will debut Repo: The Genetic Opera at the Clinton on Nov. 10. This end-of-the-world rock opera/thriller describes a world where an epidemic of organ failures has caused a boom in loans for organ transplants but, if you fall behind on your payments, well, the title says it all. Seth says he's already getting reservations from as far away as New York, so get your tickets soon!

Details: Repo: The Genetic Opera. Mon., Nov. 10, 10 pm; $8. Clinton Street Theater, 2252 SE Clinton St. 503-238-8899.

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