Monday, April 28, 2008


You know how just last month I was raving in a post about a Puerto Rican pork dish that we made after seeing it in Mark Bittman's NYT column? You can completely flush that one, because we've done old Marky-Mark one better.

Here's the deal: You take a large, and I mean around 10 lbs., bone-in pork shoulder. You make the pernil sauce and rub it all over that shoulder. Then get out the Cook'n Ca'jun, crank up the fire and lay that hunk of pig on the grill. Then about, oh, say, eight hours later, after you've had a beer (or so), kept the fire stoked with coals and hardwood, filled the water bowl a couple of times and turned the meat once or twice, you check it.

And there, right before your very eyes, is the smokiest, loveliest chunk of roasted pork you've ever seen. Caramelized and black on the outside, juicy and tender inside with the legendary "smoke ring" that barbecuers live for.

This is truly a "best and highest use" of the holy pig we've ever had the pleasure to prepare, not to mention consume, and bodes well for summer dining. If, like me, you live to see your guests' eyes roll back in their heads and have them fall off their chairs moaning like they're possessed, you've got to try this.


Anonymous said...

I ws gonba comnemt on your lst 2 psts, but tha slobbers drip'n on tha keibrd make it hrd to tipe.

drooling in cowtown.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Mission accomplished, then! Thanks...

Curmudgeon said...

Not sure how I found my way to your blog. But oh how this makes me think of home. Yum! We use a marinade of lime juice and bitter orange juice along with the spices and let the pork sit overnight.

Kathleen Bauer said...

And I'm glad you found it! And jealous that you grew up with food like this. Lucky one!