Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And In This Corner...

This writing thing is such a gas. When I heard that there were identical twin chefs cooking at two of this town's top ethnic restaurants, it was like someone had dropped a set of keys to a brand new car into my hand. Then when David Machado (owner of Vindalho, one of the restaurants) suggested giving them a box of identical ingredients and having a cook-off, all I heard in my head was, "Vroooooom!"

Today's edition of the Oregonian's FoodDay features that article, "Twin Chef Face-Off," with excellent photos by Michael Lloyd (which are not, alas, included on their website), a side-by-side comparison of their individual stats and recipes for you to make at home. Oh, and a little blow-by-blow of the competition just to make it interesting.

Thanks to Martha for buying the story in the first place (and for the great editing), and Lindsey for her most excellent coordination!


Kathleen Bauer said...

Someone just alerted me that this and the Winter Markets story have been picked up on Slashfood. Nice!

Kathleen Bauer said...

And this from a Vindalho newsletter:

A total knockout was delivered in the FoodDay section of The Oregonian this week. Writer Kathleen Bauer wove together an entertaining and unique story, "Twin Chef Face-Off," featuring Vindalho chef de cuisine David Anderson and his identical twin brother Raymond Anderson, sous chef at Nuestra Cocina. Identical twins, identical ingredients. What happens when you mix the two together? Brotherly sparring, kitchen drama and great dishes that represent the distinct cuisines they explore everyday. Congratulations to David, Ray and Kathleen on an exceptional piece."

It doesn't get better than that...gosh!