Thursday, July 05, 2007

Your Official Correspondent

Sometimes you take a class or start a project and you never know where it's going to lead. Like this blog, for instance. Who knew that it would be as much fun to write as it is more than 200 posts and a year and a half later? That its readership would be doubling every few months, or that such great people would take valuable time out of their day to read it?

The same thing happened when I opened the Oregonian's FoodDay section a couple of months ago and read that they were looking for people to report occasionally about the great products they were finding at the local farmers' markets. I wrote immediately and volunteered, and for the last few weeks have been doing a column called Market Watch that talks about the various markets in the metro area and the people and products that make them unique. Again, a fun reason to explore markets I'd never have bothered to check out before, and an opportunity to share these discoveries with people. ( I sensing a trend here?)

Then last week I got an e-mail from the editor, Martha Holmberg, saying, "I'm realizing now that you're our regular 'correspondent' for this! I thought at first that I'd have several volunteers, but you're the one who consistently delivers good stuff, along with our staffers, of course." So now it's official, and you can look for my column to appear on a fairly regular basis in FoodDay between now and Christmas. Who'd have thought?

Photos, from top: Micro Mercantes at the Hollywood Farmers' Market; Blooming Gardens at Lents International Farmers' Market; Woodfire Baked Brick Oven Bagels at Hillsdale Farmers' Market.


Anonymous said...

Every Tuesday morning I open directly to the Market Watch in Food Day. I'm not so much a foodie, but an employee that does marketing for the Hollywood Farmers' Market. I appreciate that you highlight our wonderful vendors. Often times this is the only press they get as they are hard working individuals that don't have much spare time for marketing themselves. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading your column. C.Servis

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thanks so much! It's been great fun traveling around to the city's markets and learning about the various vendors. Each market seems to have a personality that reflects the neighborhood, almost like wine reflects the character of the soil it's grown in. I love it!