Friday, July 06, 2007

Pinko Wine

When the days get hot and the dining room moves outdoors, I develop a thirst for something dry and pink. Fortunately, this is the time of year when Oregon winemaker John Paul, he of Cameron Winery fame, releases his subversively titled Vino Pinko with it's portrait of Che Guevara on the label.

And if you're still associating a rosé with those awful "white zinfandels" or the pink stuff in the funny bottle from Mateus that you drank in days of yore, you've got to step into the 21st century, man. These wines are red-hot for summer sipping and great examples are available from France, Spain and Italy as well as right here. Served ice-cold, their bracing acidity sets off almost any appetizer or main course from seafood to pasta to salmon.

Now, whether Che himself would appreciate this wine, we can't say, but we know he'd love the reaction it gets at gatherings. Got a barbecue coming up with some Republican/conservative co-workers or relatives? This is the perfect wine to bring to the event. And if you want some, get it soon since there's a limited volume produced and it sells out quickly. Viva la revolucion!

Details: 2007 Cameroni Vino Pinko, $14.95. Available from Vino in Sellwood, phone 503-235-8545 or from your favorite neighborhood retailer.

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