Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Olive Oil Garage Sale

Well, y'see, there's this guy named Jim Dixon (yes, the Jim Dixon who writes for Willamette Week) who imports and wholesales olive oil and gourmet salts to various restaurants and food purveyors in town. And there's product left over at the end of the year that he'd like to get rid of. So he holds a sale out of his garage to do just that. Which is good for folks like you and me who use lots of olive oil but are sometimes shocked at what regular stores charge for the good stuff.

Jim says he'll have Olio Novo, Leonforte and Bettini (all Italian extra virgin olive oils from the 2005 harvest) available for bulk sale at reduced prices. You need to bring your own containers (he says wine bottles work best) and he'll fill them from the Italian fustini (see picture), 50 liter stainless steel barrels. There will also be regular bottles of Madre Terra and Don Alfonso extra virgin olive oils, Portuguese sea salt and gift bags with olive oil and flor de sal.

A good host, Jim will have a big pot of hearty soup to help fend off the cold. He'll be accepting checks and cash only. The catch is that this all happens this Friday and Saturday, so carve out a few of your last holiday minutes to stop by the house and pick up some great olive oils!

Details: Jim Dixon's Olive Oil Garage Sale, 11 am to 5 pm or so, Dec. 22 and 23, at 3432 NE 16th, just off Fremont.


Anonymous said...

Well, thank you KB for helping me keep in touch, and remain homesick for my soggy Portland. Makes being stuck in the land of perpetual sunshine, medicocre food, and unimaginative shopping somewhat bearable! —Lula

Kathleen Bauer said...

As a public service I'm thinking about starting "BadStuffNW" for those who have left our corner of heaven. Good idea?