Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cookie Party!

Our friend Kathryn has hosted a yearly cookie decorating party for the last decade, and we were invited this year even though we have no young children and basically just went to play and chat. It was great being around young kids again, all talking and laughing and smearing icing on angels, rocking horses, gingerbread people, stars, candy canes...you name it. Kathryn apparently outdid herself this year, making more than 600 (yes, six-oh-oh) cookies before her husband Jeff pulled her away from the mixer. And good cookies they were. Little buttery sugar cookies with just the right amount of doneness to be light yet crispy.

And then, when you had decorated your heart out, there was a big pot of Jeff's beefy soup to thin down the sugar coursing through your veins, and a table full of lemon bars, chocolate cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, rum cake and other delights that people had brought to snack on and take home for sampling. What fun!

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