Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet the Good Fairy

Ever since the tooth fairy...heck, even since Santa Claus, I've wanted to meet one of these Good Fairies in person. And then, yesterday evening, just as the sun was setting, one of them showed up at my front door. No chimney, no puff of smoke, no sparkly effervescence, just a ring of the doorbell and there she was.

And she was bearing a container of homemade, warm-from-the-steamer potstickers as good as any you'd find in your favorite dim sum palace, with a little container of sweet, spicy and knee-bucklingly delicious dipping sauce she'd apparently drawn from whatever source of all-that-is-irresistible that fairies have access to.

Needless to say, we scarfed those down with aplomb and when she bade (as they all do) her man-servant to fetch more, we practically tore them out of his hands and downed those, too. Some nights I pray to whatever dinner gods there are to deliver us from cooking, and once in a great while that dream comes true. And if this particular sprite ever shares her magical recipe with we mere mortals, you can be sure I'll post it here.


Anonymous said...

Ok, spin around three times and click your sequined heels together and I'll give you the recipe.

Oops, fairies don't use recipes...I guess I'll have to conguer one for you.

Kathleen Bauer said...

That was so much fun, and so unexpected. We loved it! And now, seriously, about that cooking session...