Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Killing It: Camas Davis on Fresh Air

"I don't think we all sit on the exact same part of what I think of as the 'spectrum' of meat eating. And so it really depends on where you come from. On a basic level, I'm interested in a couple of things: How land is used to raise the animals that we eat for meat. ... I'm interested in ... pollution practices. I'm interested in resource management. And is the food safe for us? Do the animals have a good life? Do they have a good death? And then, on our end, when we're eating that meat, is it is it safe? Is it nutritious? Is it delicious? So all of those things play into this complicated puzzle that is ethical meat." - Camas Davis

In this interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Portland butcher, teacher and author Camas Davis discusses her new memoir, "Killing It: An Education," describing the turning point in her life that led her to leave magazine editing to pursue a career as a butcher and educator.

Davis speaks eloquently and with feeling about very difficult issues without preaching or sounding judgemental. This is an important interview that anyone who eats should listen to.

Read my story of Roger the pig and my journey as I watched him grow, witnessed his death, then butchered, cooked and ate him.

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