Monday, November 30, 2015

Taking a Break

My last entry here was from Sunday, November 22nd, and it wasn't even one I wrote. The last post I actually composed on my own was from November 19th, consisting of recipes for two soups.

Kitty, Walker, Thimble (l to r).

This break in the action is one of the first of this duration in the nearly ten years since I first began this venture. And, like the very beginning of this journey, it wasn't planned, but it did happen to fall over a busy holiday that included writing a couple of articles, a friend's illness (requiring delivery of meatloaves, soups, bread and bacon), a sister-in-law moving to town, babysitting the (very dear) Corgi of friends who were leaving town for the holiday and all the regular hoohaw of celebrating Thanksgiving…pies to bake, a turkey to pick up, housecleaning, etc., etc, etc. (Say that like the King in The King and I to get the proper dramatic effect.)

Persimmon liqueur. (Yes, you read that right.)

Not that I'm making an excuse of being too busy, far from it. There were feelings of guilt, some thoughts of shoulda-woulda-coulda, but there you have it.

But now I'm ready to take up the sword again, and, if not exactly refreshed—whew!—I've had my breakfast (see photo at top). So back to it!

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