Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farm Bulletin: Owl Update

Even with all the work to do on the farm at this time of year, what with plants surging out of the ground, torrential rain and hail, plus a farm tour to prepare for (bunting, anyone?), contributor Anthony Boutard takes time to fill us in on the latest chapter of the Ayers Creek Farm Great Horned Owl Saga.

Sunday evening, I noticed the owl on her regular hunting perch, in silhouette with the sun streaking through the big leaf maple leaves.

No thanks, no photos today.

With two young to feed, she is hunting whenever the opportunity allows. She was so nicely framed in the branches that I hauled out the camera with the 400 mm chunk of glass, though I expected her to flush. She spotted me but had no intention of moving from her prime hunting spot, and getting nattered at by robins and kestrels in the bargain. Then again, she had little interest in being a model either.

Now please go away.

Instead, she gave me the stink-eye and, as you see in the second shot, moved in a deliberate fashion a bit further up the branch. She settled behind a bunch of leaves that obstructed my view and returned to her task. I left her be for the rest of the evening. 

Photos by Anthony Boutard. Track the progress of this owl family with Who's Minding the Frogs, the Great Horned Owl Follow-Up and Leaving the Nest.

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