Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A couple of days ago I was visiting my friend Kim at her home in Happy Valley, an area that's being carpeted by tract homes and McMansions but which still has bits and pieces of farmland left.

She rents the pasture behind her house to keep a flock of sheep, initially obtained so her Corgis could practice herding for competitions. The group has more than doubled in the last two weeks with the birth of seven lambs, and there are at least two more on the way. They live in the pasture with Angel, a Maremma-Pyranees mix, who keeps predators (like coyotes and neighborhood dogs) away.

The lambs were gamboling, as they are wont to do, and their ewes were attentive, as they should be. Thought you'd like a peek!


Lindsey McBride said...

In your next video give us a shot of your new rugged boots! Wanna see 'em.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I always think of spring being lambing season, but apparently fall works, too. Very cute.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Your wish is my command, Lindsey! (Though not on video this time…)

Kathleen Bauer said...

And thanks, Michele! They were crazy adorable.