Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Awesome Summer: Gourmet Kayaking

Just so you don't think I've given up blogging for tweeting, I'm posting some shots of the reasons I haven't posted much lately.

First, September has turned into out-of-town month, starting with a gourmet kayaking trip to Vancouver Island courtesy of Edible Canada and NW Palate magazine. Major fun even though it's for "work." I mean, being out on the water and staying at a lovely B&B with terrific food and fun folks? How does it get better than that?

Trust me, you'll be hearing the blow-by-blow (or stroke-by-stroke) soon enough. Though you can follow me on Twitter and get more regular pictorial updates.)


Jane Pellicciotto said...

Oh, how wonderful! Were you in the Gulf Islands? Absolutely amazing up there. Some of us are jealous and await your tales. Speaking of tails, did you see any dolphins or orca?

Kathleen Bauer said...

Dave and I love BC and have spent many happy vacations there with our family, on the mainland, on the big island and in the Gulf. Can't recommend it highly enough!