Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Truffle Haiku: The People's Turn to Choose!

Diamonds? Meh. Couture gown? Sigh. A little red sports car? I dunno. But give me an Oregon truffle, particularly shaved over pasta or a rich risotto, and I'm all yours, baby.

My friend Kathryn LaSusa Yeomans, chef and mistress of the markets at Roger Konka and Norma Cravens' Springwater Farm, loves the subterranean fungal fruit as much as I do, and runs a truffle haiku contest on Valentine's Day every year for those moved to poetry over the subject. This year's winner was announced yesterday on her blog, The Farmer's Feast, and now is your chance to pick the People's Choice award for the 17 syllables that best describe the euphoria brought on by Oregon's native truffle.

So scan, analyze or just close your eyes and point at the screen to pick your favorite. Leave your name (or pseudonym) and the number of your choice in the Comments below. The haiku with the most votes will win a prize for the writer, and a winner will be drawn (and a prize awarded) from those who voted for it. Both will be announced at noon on Monday, Feb. 21, so pick your winner now and check back on Monday!

Hidden Dame Truffles
Black and White Knobs of Pleasure
How My Mouth Waters

First befriend a swine
Next profess your Truffle wish:
“Bejewel my pasta”

Rooted from the damp earth
a little bit of heaven
sautéed for dinner

Black or white delight
on all my favorite dishes
so trufflicious

A kiss on her lips
A trifle for a truffle
A heart on a sleeve

They lie underground
Waiting to be discovered
Heaven in the dirt

Truffles, you grow in the ground
Pigs love you.
We love you also

Some may dare call you
ascomycetous fungus
But truffles, you’re loved.

I’m the hunter pig.
I am going to find you.
Truffles, you are MINE!

Trufficulteurs find
some bumpy, wrinkled masses.
Thankful evermore.

Underneath the duff
There lies most marvelous stuff
Treasures of Truffles

Oh! Dew Drop Riches
Forested in your niches
Take me there again

The foragers gaze
Only broken by smiles
In bountiful woods

Black and white are tight
on all my favorite dishes,
so trufflicious!

Dirt worm chance
My pig’s nose
Found it and an arrowhead.

Truffle dance,
melt sensuously in
to the void I fear.

It was our first time
You and I unearthed much more
Now we search as one

How best to woo you?
Shaved lightly over pasta
Fragrant lumps of love

Photos above by Kathryn LaSusa Yeomans.


michelle said...

I like them all, but I think 2 is my favorite :)

christa said...

Ha! Love #9!

Anonymous said...

Definitely voting for #2. The use of the word 'bejeweled' is great.

Anonymous said...

All are great, but number 5 brought smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

I will go for #17.

seh said...

Number 3!!

Lisa Belt said...

Number 2 for me!

jeff said...