Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Thee To the Market!

The blessing (or silver lining, if you will) of this cooler NW summer is that the month of September has never looked better at Oregon farmers' markets, and October looks to be just as bountiful. Peppers of all shapes, colors and flavors are piled high on tables (Philomath's Gathering Together Farm being just one example, above), luscious heirloom tomatoes will be available for several more weeks and squash from small delicatas to large Cinderellas will soon be making an appearance.

And no matter the day of the week, you'll find a farmers' market open in the metro area with several to choose from on most days. A complete schedule with maps and links of Willamette Valley markets, including the 40 or so in the metro area is available here, so make plans to get out and get yours while the getting's good!

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