Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Livin' in the Blurbs: Bibles, Bombay and Bikes

With all the hoopla over locavores, 100-mile diets and plowing up lawns to make gardens, you'd think that eating local was a brand new idea. But since the mid-80s author Janie Hibler has made a career writing about the goodness that comes from the Northwest, starting with "Fair Game–A Hunter's Cookbook" and "Dungeness Crabs and Blackberry Cobblers." Her "The Berry Bible"has just been republished by Amazon, with its histories and recipes for every berry imaginable, from cloudberries and currants to cape gooseberries and salmonberries. You can meet Hibler, sample recipes from the book and pick up a signed copy this Saturday at the Beaverton Farmers' Market, so plan to stop by!

Details: Janie Hibler, author of The Berry Bible. Sat., July 31, 10-11:30 am. Beaverton Farmers' Market, On SW Hall Blvd. between 3rd and 5th Sts. in Beaverton.

* * *

The website Budget Travel recently named Portland as the world's best place to eat street food, but at just a few years old, food cart culture here can't hold a candle to the ancient art that is the street food of India. My friend Sophie Rahman, who sells classic Indian street cuisine at her Masala booth at the Hollywood Farmers' Market, is offering a class on Chowpatty, the street food of India that she describes as "India’s answer to the Pacific Northwest’s passion for healthy snack food eaten on the go." Made with Chat-patta spices to create such portable treats as aloo-chaat, bhel-poori and bhajia, they are commonly eaten during the day along with a cool glass of lassi or a cup of spicy chai. She adds that most of the dishes are vegetarian and are made using rice and lentils and rice and lentil flours. Having taken one of Sophie's classes, I can guarantee you'll learn a lot and eat very, very well.

Details: Chowpatty: Street Food of India with Sophie Rahman of Masala. Two dates available: Aug. 24 and Aug. 31, both from 6-9 pm. Classes limited to 6 students each. $50 per person. E-mail for registration information.

* * *

Bikes are starting to rival beer as icons of Portland culture, and one summer event, the Second Annual Hopworks Biketobeerfest, brings them together in a mash-up of beer bellies and spandex. In addition to 15 Hopworks beers on tap, and with proceeds going to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Portland Sunday Parkways, it'll feature live music, a hand-built bicycle show, Goldsprints roller races, a bike toss and other bike-related insanity. Pedal your own bone-shaker on down to this all-bike, no cars event and raise a pint to two wheels!

Details: 2nd Annual Hopworks Biketobeerfest. Sat., Aug. 28, Noon-10 pm. Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell Blvd. Phone 503-232-4677.


M. said...

"The Berry Bible" sounds like a book for me, will have to get a copy :)

Kathleen Bauer said...

It's a terrific book for anyone who loves to eat or cook with berries, and is packed with recipes and lore!