Thursday, June 03, 2010

Puppy Update: Growing Up (and out)

First off, there's no need to avert your eyes. All of the puppies above are spoken for. So you're safe (and so am I, since Walker is puppy enough for me!).

The eleven puppies that appeared just three weeks ago are fat and happy and looking like puppies more than worms with legs. They've nearly doubled their weight and are ready to move out of the bedroom pen and into a play area in a heated garage with toys and beds and a fluffy bed of shavings to learn to…well…to start their potty training.

The good news is that the little double merle, called Angel, is most likely deaf, but has sight in at least one eye, so will be going to an excellent family that is looking forward to working with this special pup.


Kim said...

Don't you be rubbing all the spots of my white puppy!

Cannot wait to get my hands on her! James and Karleene may have to fight me for her once she's done training here!

Kathleen Bauer said...

She's certainly a little dolly…so sweet and happy! And I love the little grey clouds floating on that white coat. Glad you and Casper are going to get a chance to have her for awhile!