Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Like a Stumble?

Pub crawls have never sounded very appealing to me. It's not the pub part, since I happen to like beer and find that the pubs here in PDX are getting more and more convivial in that British "let's pop down to the pub for a pint" way. And the food they dish out, while it's not going to give the city's better restaurants anything to worry about, has improved from the days of beer nuts and pretzels out of a bag.

The part I find less than inviting is the bit about the "crawl," as if the point of visiting pubs is to get so blasted that perambulation becomes problematic. Not to say that I haven't suffered from an error in judgment a time or two. (Say, those five vodka martinis on a youthful sojourn in San Francisco…but I digress.) Or that the purpose of beer consumption is quantity, not so much quality. Which here in Microbrew Central is somewhat of an outdated idea, n'est-ce pas?

Which brings me to the Division Street Pub…um…Crawl scheduled for Saturday, March 20, featuring a chance to meet eight of the Northwest's top brewers at four different locations:
Sounds like it might be just the thing to do on a (presumably) rainy Saturday in Portland. So bring your umbrella and, please, try to stay vertical.

Details: Division Street Pub Crawl, sponsored by BrewPublic. Sat., Mar. 20, noon-6 pm at four locations along SE Division St.

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