Monday, August 31, 2009

As Grows the Garden, So Grows the Child

Gardens can teach us a lot, and the White House garden has been an inspiration for millions around the country since I first posted about it last March. I thought you'd like an update on just how that garden is doing and, besides salads for state dinners, what it has provided.


SEH said...

Thank you SO much for posting this update KAB! It fills my heart with such pride both as a gardener and as a chef/nutritionist!! If at all possible I try to encourage EVERYONE to grow something to fuel their bodies. It might be only an herb pot in a window, but that might lead to a tomato plant and then...who knows, maybe even enough food to feed you through the summer. It's amazing what you can grow in a small space and just how wonderful that food tastes. Not only because it's fresh, but because it comes from the labor of your own two hands. Feed your body, feed your mind, feed your soul!!

Kathleen Bauer said...

You should know, my dear…you practically feed the whole neighborhood from your garden and have inspired so many to follow suit!