Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Inaugural Breakfast

Dave had to work. My son was going to catch it later on the internet. So when Michel asked if I'd like to join her to watch the inauguration and then walk the dogs afterward, it was a date. And when she threw a breakfast of her famous corned beef hash and poached eggs into the mix, it would have taken an invitation from Barack to join him and Michelle on the podium to keep me away.

I arrived to the smell of onions, green peppers and potatoes frying away in her trusty cast iron skillet (left) as she made me a cappucino from her candy apple red Barista espresso machine. (She said it gives great crema.) Is it any wonder I love this woman?

I sipped coffee, agreeing with her that the test for really good friends was that they like their eggs poached soft and their steaks rare-to-medium rare. Then some shredded corned beef (bought in a chunk from New Seasons) was mixed in with the hash, which was plated and topped with those perfectly poached eggs, and we sat down in front of the television to watch that amazing event.

Oh, and there was lots of crying (we both do that, too).


Cathy said...

The perfect way to have watched such a momentous occasion: good food and a good friend. It made me cry too.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thanks, Cathy. Seems like we weren't alone in that from the pictures that were posted at