Friday, September 26, 2008

Oddities: The Trumpet Guy

When I was a kid, my family would make the (to me) long drive from Central Oregon to the big city of Portland. My brothers and I would walk around with our necks craned up to look at what were, to us, skyscrapers, and we'd practically hang out the windows of our room at the Imperial Hotel watching the people the size of little ants on the sidewalks below.

As a teenager living in the 'burbs, I'd take off in the family car (a Plymouth Fury III 4-door hardtop with a 386 V8 engine) and head downtown to the "hippie shops" that lined SW 3rd in the early 70s. My favorite was a waterbed shop where there were always interesting people hanging out and talking. Go figure.

I don't get downtown much any more, but when I do I make it a point to cross the Hawthorne Bridge to see what The Trumpet Guy is doing with his flowers, his puppets or his toys. He's there around rush hour nearly every day, and I'd love to know more about him. Can anybody add enlightenment?


Anonymous said...

I tried to Google some info on this guy and found NOTHING. My wife and I were wondering about him as well. She says "what he's doing it better than holding a cardboard sign". For some reason I think there is more to his story. I see him out there in the driving rain. I think he has a story and now I want to (have to) know what it is. If you get a change walk up and ask him. I'll do the same and post it on my blog (
if I find out. It's funny - I don't know what is more strange. What he is doing or the fact that there is NO info online about this guy. Hell- even Naked Cowboy has a website. Thought?

Kathleen Bauer said...

I know...he's one of those people that begs a story. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

And when you get that covered (because I am now all of a sudden very curious), help us uncover the story behind Backscratcher Guy on SE 60th and SE Belmont. He gives everyone a great smile with his backscratching antics. Can't believe we're even considering buying the telescoping scratcher. He's that good.

Anonymous said...

I can, actually. I stopped by today because I never have before.

He's a really neat guy!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Good to know! Thanks!