Sunday, December 30, 2007

Keeping Portland Weird

Where else but Portland would a chocolate shop hold an evening event called "Dim Sum...Yum! Yum!" where bite-sized desserts are served from a rolling cart while patrons enjoy Belgian beers and dessert wines? Or host a Tag Team Foghorn Eating Contest in which four teams of two people each eat 22 scoops of ice cream (with all the bells and whistles) out of half a watermelon, the first team to finish winning a "fabulous prize"?

All this and more happens with astonishing regularity at any of Pix Patisserie's three locations. Founded by fabulously talented patissier Cheryl Wakerhauser, these little shops feature ornately designed desserts that also taste great, as well as some of the best handmade chocolates in town. And now they've come out with a calendar you can enjoy all year long, each month showcasing a dessert and a Pix employee. Tasty!

Details: Pix Patisserie 2008 Employee Calendar, $10. Available online or from the N Williams Ave. store at 503-282-6539.

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