Monday, September 10, 2007

The Edge of the Wedge

Who doesn't love cheese? Whether it's simple stuff like peeling strips from sticks of string cheese or melting sharp cheddar over a tuna sandwich, it's really hard to beat. Around here we love homemade mac'n'cheese or a good grilled cheese sandwich when we're suffering that occasional cheese jones.

Whether you'd categorize yourself as a curd nerd or just a dilettante, there's a festival coming up in early October that should make you run to your calendar with Sharpie in hand. It's called The Wedge and it's going to feature cheese-makers and cheeses from around the Northwest. It starts on Friday with a self-guided "Taste Around" and meet-and-greets with "cheese superstars" at several Portland cheese venues. Then on Saturday the focus moves to the Portland Farmers Market downtown with free talks, demos and workshops with cheese luminaries like Jeffrey Roberts, author of the recently published Atlas of American Artisan Cheese, and Laura Werlin, author of Cheese Essentials.

Other opportunities to mingle and nosh are developing around the festival. Luan Schooler, cheese maven of Foster & Dobbs, is featuring two classes, one with Jeff Roberts on Oct. 4 and another with Laura Werlin on Oct. 7. I'll keep you updated on the latest and greatest, so check the calendar for events and times. More information is available at the Pacific NW Cheese Project and Cheese Chick.

Details: The Wedge: Portland Celebrates Cheese. Various venues around Portland and at the Portland Farmers Market, Sat., 10/6.

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