Monday, August 27, 2007

Tour de Crêpes

Y'know, I start thinking I've almost caught up on new places to eat in this town, then someone says, "Hey, let's meet for lunch." My answer, of course, is always, "Sure! Where?" Then they say, "At Tour de Crêpes on Alberta." That's when my world starts to tremble ever so slightly. A place in my own neighborhood that I've never been to, much less heard of? Egad. The shame is almost too much to bear.

But I bravely soldier my way up the hill and find the cutest little dining shed with cheery red umbrellas out front. My friend, of course, the Queen of Cheese, is waiting for me...she's known about this place and has eaten here several times, but graciously doesn't hold it against me. So we look over the menu and then we go out behind the cute little shed to the...gasp!...trailer where the crêpes are prepared.

And I'm not talking about one of those food service vehicles that serve various tacos or falafel or whatever on a street corner. I'm talking about a real, honest-to-goodness corrugated-metal-painted-a-cheery-yellow-and-white camping trailer like the one we had when I was a kid. Since it sat in our driveway most of the time, I would play in it for hours making clothes and houses for my troll dolls and locking my pesky brothers out till they told on me and my mom made me unlock the door. But I digress.

After ordering from the menu that was divided between Sweet, Savory and Dessert crêpes (with several choices per category) as well as soup and salads plus beverages that include wine and beer, we went out front to sit under an umbrella and watch the world of Alberta stroll by. Our crepes arrived, both from the savory category, and they looked like little brown envelopes decorated for a party in their buckwheat wrappings.

These are deceptively filling, and both the spinach-ricotta crêpe I ordered and the Q'o'C's prosciutto, gruyere and caramelized onion version were very flavorful and filling, though the gruyere would have benefited from some extra heat since it hadn't had a chance to melt properly. But now I'm determined to get back for some of the sweet and dessert offerings, especially on a warm September evening with the sun setting in the distance, sipping a glass of champagne. How civilized!

Details: Tour de Crêpes, 2921 NE Alberta St. Phone 503-473-8657.


Anonymous said...

This little "shed" used to be a glass mosaic shop that a friend of mine shared space in with the owner of the business. I made my first garden stepping stone in this building. Haven't tried the crepes, but sure will now upon your recommendation.

Katherine Gray said...

I have to get back to this place. I can't take my kids there b/c there isn't much they can eat (allergies) and the last time we were there Clara was pottytraining and they don't have their own bathrooms (they share with the cafe next door, or did at the time). But I loooove crepes. I'll seduce my girlfriend for lunch when preschool starts again.

Kathleen Bauer said...

I remember the little crafts shop. And now the street is going through its second generation as some vendors move on and others move in. I remember when we were looking at houses in the neighborhood and my husband was propositioned by a hooker up there. Now you're more likely to be seduced by a wine list than a streetwalker.

And as for the menu, it looks like they have a few vegan options, so they're obviously trying to appeal to the diverse tastes of the denizens. Definitely go!