Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thunder Road Redux

Should have some good stuff for you next week, since we're heading down on a liquor run to Redding, California, and hitting their Costco hard before heading over to the coast for four nights of camping.

The plan is to go hell-bent-for-leather to Redding, drop off our stuff at a motel and then head over to Jack's Grill for well-deserved cocktails and their famous seared-to-perfection steaks. Before collapsing in bed I'm hoping to walk (or limp, as the case may be) across the Sundial Bridge, a stunning footbridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, a famous Spanish designer and architect.

The next morning we'll load up at Costco and drive to Arcata on the coast, ending up at Patrick's Point State Park just south of the redwoods. Between the tempting Lost Coast and several excellent brewpubs in the area, plus a spectacular beach just down the bluff, our two nights there should be full. Then it's two nights at Harris Beach on Oregon's southern coast and home. I'll keep you posted on developments!

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