Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Foster and Dobbs

A recent addition to our neighborhood has been a tasteful redevelopment of a truly scarey convenience store on the corner of NE 15th and Brazee that now contains a branch of the wonderful Mio Gelato (stay tuned for more on that) and a new cheese-shop-cum-gourmet-grocery called Foster and Dobbs. Owned by the vivacious and deeply funny Luan Schooler and her husband, Tim Wilson, this place has all the panache of an upscale boulangerie with the down-home service and neighborhood friendliness that we love, especially when it's five blocks from home!

They're always eager to share the latest arrivals in their cheese inventory and often have them paired with samples of their other products, like a Spanish blue cheese drizzled with an artisanal honey, or Pearl Bakery bread with single-vineyard European olive oils. Recently they've also added sandwiches and small cheese plates as well as a nice selection of wine and beer by the glass. This is the place I'll head to for a nice glass of something in the late afternoon with a little plate of goodness to go with it.

Other items to look for include Castelvetrano olives from Spain with their bright green color and fresh crunchy texture, cured meats from Salumi, a myriad of honeys, balsamic and other vinegars, Marcona almonds, little pickles and pickled vegetables...the list goes on and on. Just ask Luan what she likes that day and you'll go home with something wonderful!

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